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Big eyes and sweet smiles l Silver Spring, MD

March 2019

People often wonder what the best age is to do a lifestyle family photo shoot and my answer is ANY age! In the first few years of life your child will go through so many changes and it's hard not to think that they are ALL worth documenting. Every time your child reaches a new milestone - sitting up, crawling, walking, etc - the way they interact with you and the world changes and it's so exciting to see. Don't feel like you have to wait until your child's birthday or right before the holidays to set up a photo shoot. Anytime is really a great time!

This sweet family approached me because they wanted to capture their adorable little 7 month old girl who was super smiley and inquisitive about her world. I immediately fell in love with her big eyes and gummy smile. They also expressed that they really wanted to make sure they had pictures of all three of them together. I often hear from parents that one of them is always behind the camera and never in front of it. As parents we don't want to be left out of our children's memories! Now baby E can look back and see not only how adorable she was at 7 months but how strong and beautiful her mamas were.


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