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New baby for an energetic crew

I am constantly amazed by the moms I meet and the wonderful job they do raising their kids. I am currently a mom of one, but will soon have two tiny humans under my care and I often find myself wondering how I will make this transition. But after spending a few hours with a DC mom of 3 boys under the age of 4, I think I found my inspiration! This mom did an amazing job of managing snacks, playtime and the ever changing mood of toddlers, all while caring for her new baby. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't doing it alone - dad was a great help too with all 3 boys- but mom, you're a rock star! I was so glad we could spend time capturing images of just her and the new baby after we got all of our group shots.

Baby boy was so sweet and just in awe of his two big brothers. I'm sure he'll be running around the house with them before we know it!


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