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Big sister love l Bethesda, MD

April 2019

Ah, nothing is sweeter than seeing a family with a new baby - whether it's the first, second, third or... When you bring a new baby home you tell yourself you are going to remember everything about them - how tiny their feet are, how you can easily hold them in your arms, how they look at you after feeding, how peacefully they sleep, etc. But the truth is you can't remember everything and that's why it's so important to have a photo shoot so you can capture your baby when they are so new. It's equally important to capture yourselves as new parents. You don't want to forget how you and your partner looked as parents on this new beautiful baby.

I also love seeing children become big brother and sisters and welcome a new baby to the family. So, I was so excited when my friend finally had her second daughter. I was able to capture not only portraits of the baby A, but also sweet moments of mama and new big sis sharing their love with her. I have a feeling these two girls are going to be great friends and create so many happy memories together.


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