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Capturing the little things l Washington, DC

February 2019

One of the best aspects of Lifestyle Family photography is the ability to incorporate part of your daily life into the photo shoot. Kids are constantly changing and its fun to document them involved in their favorite activities around the house. I suggest to parents that they think about some activities their child really enjoys before I get there - do they have a favorite toy to play with or book they want to read? Picking something simple that can be set up with a nice backdrop is key. Having this favorite activity on hand helps the child relax and feel more comfortable around a stranger in their home pointing a camera in their face!

This sweet Washington DC family was so easy to work with. They were really relaxed and just excited about having someone come in to capture them enjoying their beautiful little girl who was just starting to get her feet under herself. She loves eating blueberries, playing with balls and reading books with mom and dad, so that's exactly what we captured. There is no need to stress out before a shoot or feel like you need to change your routine. It's the little things that you're going to want to remember down the line so why not make them the focus?


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