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Last moments as a family of three l Bethesda, MD

February 2019

Family photography is so meaningful to me because as a mom, I understand the value of capturing and preserving as many moments as possible. Our children change so quickly when they are young and we want to be able to freeze them at different points in time so we can remember all the little details - how they wore their hair, their favorite toy, their toothy(less) grin. When you invite a lifestyle family photographer into your home, you are allowing someone to come in and document your family interacting naturally where they are most comfortable - their home.

As a photographer I love meeting new families, but it's always special to go into a friend's home for a shoot. I feel like I get to know people in a different way and become closer to them. I first met this family through my mother's group. Our daughters are 1 week apart in age and its so exciting to see how much our girls have grown up. Now J is getting reading to be a big sister and I was able to capture some sweet moments as this family enjoys the final few weeks of being a family of 3.  I was also able to capture mama in all her pregnancy beauty. I can't wait to meet the newest member of this family - I know she'll be adored and loved by all.


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